Other Curriculum Learning

House of Science Kits

As part of our promotion and development of scientific skills and knowledge, the school has engaged with the House of Science kits which are sent out to the school every week. Each kit contains the equipment to engage in scientific inquiry around a range of engaging topics. The first kit, Who Dunnit? included learning experiences such as finding out about forensic evidence, the chain of evidence, fingerprinting, trace evidence, forensic toxicology and handwriting analysis. The kits contain learning experiences which are appropriate across the curriculum levels, so we can maximise experience and generate enthusiasm for thinking and behaving like scientists. We look forward to our students being able to have ‘hands on’ experiences with a new kit every week.

Room 16 House of ScienceĀ 

All the clothes we wear are made up of fibres. Some fibres are natural, like wool, cotton and silk, and others are man-made, like nylon, polyester and elastane. Many fabrics are made of a mixture (like polycotton). Many crime scenes will have fibres left there by the criminal. Our science group is working on a crime scene and trying to work out “Who Dunnit?”


During our Term 3 Year 7 and 8 ICT academy some of the students made robots using Vex Robotics. On the final day they decided to race them.


Room 14 have been playing with Meccano. Thanks to the Fairfield Community Group for supplying these to the Raekura team.

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