Student Learning

These pages feature some examples of the outstanding learning that students achieve at Fairfield School.

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Technology Year 7 & 8Dear Parents/Caregivers

Technology for our Year 7 & 8 students starts Thursday 28th May. This means that students need to go straight to Waiopehu College in the morning. They need to stay out of Waiopehu School grounds until 8:40am, when they can then go straight to their class. Waiopehu teachers will then provide hand sanitiser before they enter the classroom. Students are to go to the same rotation they attended at the last technology session. Lynne Juno will be down there to help. At the end of tech, students are going to return to school by walking (supervised by adults) back, to avoid congestion on a bus. This may become a permanent routine.

Regards, Jennifer Nicholls, Team Leader