Principal’s Message, Term 2, Week 7

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all doing well and adjusting to Level 2.

It is so great to see the children back at school, and seeing them settling back in so well during these unsettling times. I wanted to share with you some of the great work and activities the children have been doing since returning to school, and adjusting to the new normal, check this out below.

Also, a quick note to remind you, this weekend is Queens Birthday weekend, with Monday being a public holiday (school closed). We originally planned a Teachers Only Day on Tuesday. 2nd June, this has now been postponed. The reason we decided to do this is to ensure the children are keeping in a routine, since they have only just come back to school. If you made plans to go away for the long weekend, which meant your child/children would be away on Tuesday, that’s fine. We are happy to honour this due to the short notice we have provided. If you can please notify us by messaging the child’s teacher or using the school ap/absentee form that would be appreciated.

Team Updates


Some of our youngest students began their learning journey online during lockdown.  We were so impressed with how well our students made a transition from seven weeks at home to being at school.  We made the most of the glorious autumn weather to enjoy the outdoors. Our new students and visitors loved giving their older siblings a hug.

The first week was a smooth transition back into classroom life and routines.  Many fun stories were shared as friends reconnected during work and play.  We saw a lot of creative thinking through art and play.  We used our artistic skills to draw and colour awesome butterflies, and some of our tamariki tāne found flax and weaved items to play with.

Te Kama

We have so enjoyed our week back at school! We had decided to have different fun activities to restart our time with our classes to ease them back into learning. Our students have enjoyed getting creative with different equipment – like ropes, sheets, paper plane challenges, loose parts play, nerf gun and tic-tac-toe relays and more! They have performed circus routines after learning to juggle, created a gymnastics class after seeing others practising their cartwheels, become teachers through role play and played tug of war with pieces of material. All of these activities have encouraged students to participate and contribute, relate to others, manage themselves and problem solve. We have had such a blast and we are looking forward to the rest of the term!

We are super excited to be back and to see all our friends. During week 1, we focused on Hauora/Wellbeing and shared stories from our lockdown experiences. We took time to reflect and talk about any worries we may have had and what we were looking to. We completed some art to show all the things we missed while in our bubbles at home, and showed gratitude by weaving together all people who have supported us over the past 8 weeks


At the start of Monday, we felt “tired” “sore” “bored” “angry” anxious”.  After 1 day it seemed for many of us like we never left school!  There was lots of energy and enthusiasm in class. Students have been enjoying the new fitness and the interesting ‘cubism’ art. We still feel a bit weird at times and realise that things might not go back exactly the way they were! Overall we have had a great first week back!


Raekura students have come back to school very settled, excited and ready to learn. We took our time to build routines, learn about safety expectations and settle back into a school routine. The teachers have enjoyed watching our students reconnect with others and work alongside their friends. Students have learned games which emphasise ‘social distancing’ and have worked on a variety of tasks, similar to what they had been doing during lockdown. We changed our contract system during lockdown to include tasks related to key competencies and well being. It has been pleasing to see students want to continue to focus on these back at school, and we’re continuing with this new style of contract. Below are a few photos of our tamariki, happy and excited to be back at school!

Netsafe Online Safety

I have already shared this last week, but don’t forget Netsafe are hosting three Netsafe LIVE online events to answer the online safety questions schools and kura are currently asking. They have invited along a few experts to share their thoughts. The sessions will be hosted on Netsafe’s Facebook and YouTube pages. If you can’t make it during the live broadcasts, they will be online shortly afterwards. If you have any questions you would like answered, send them to or ask on the day. More info here:

  • May 21 @ 4pm, School leaders – Katie Rawles (DP, Wellington College) joins Netsafe’s education team to examine how schools can approach online safety holistically involving all areas of the school, especially students, in initiatives.
  • May 28 @ 4pm, Students – Netsafe’s education team and members of our Youth Action Squad explore how online safety initiatives can meaningfully support students.
  • June 4 @ 4pm, Teachers – Netsafe’s education team and a guest tackle the challenges and opportunities Aotearoa’s educators are presented with as we transition back into classroom learning.

Sports News

Unitl we reach Level 1, which hopefully wont be too far away, team sports that involve a level of contact (basically all games) cannot resume games and competition until Level 1 UNLESS they have sorted out systems for tracing all people, limits on spectator numbers, spacing, no-overlapping of players in with players out, hand washing before and after, sanitising equipment, etc.  Due to these restrictions, it is likely that most sports will not resume competition until Level 1.   We will provide further updates as soon they become available on our website/sports page.

If you have sports uniforms that need to be returned please return them (washed/clean) to your school teacher, not the office.

Keep safe everyone, and have a great week and long weekend ahead.

Alasdair Maclean