Principal’s Message, Term 2, Week 3

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Today is the first day back on site for some of our teachers and students. While most children remain learning remotely at home. If you have questions around remote learning, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. As a school we are here to support and help you.

As always we want to ensure when the children come to school they are safe and in a learning environment where they able to continue with their learning in a positive way. Below are the safety regulations that have been put in place to ensure that the children who are attending school are safe.The Health and Safety practices that have been explained via phone call with the families who’s children are now back at school, are outlined below for your information:

  • Under these conditions play based learning will not be possible in the classroom, given that it uses equipment that multiple children may be interacting with. Similarly for sports, no sports equipment will be distributed at all.
  • Parents are asked to keep any sick children at home. If a sick child comes to school,  send them home.
  • Breaks should be staggered as should start and finish times for the school day, and bubbles cannot mix during breaks.
  • Initially the number of children must be limited to 10 in a school bubble, but this can be increased to 20 once all processes are running smoothly. There can be multiple school bubbles in a physical space but there must be distance between bubbles and strictly no mixing between school bubbles (working this through).
  • To support contact tracing students should sit in the same place each day, with 1m physical distance between all children, young people and staff. They must maintain 2 metre physical distance outside and 1m inside during breaks and 1m on school transport.
  •  Physical education classes and break time activities cannot include sports with <2m physical distance or where the same equipment is touched by different students (balls, ropes, sticks, etc).
  • Contact tracing registers must be set up and identify which children are in each teaching space, record when and who they have contact with during the day if that changes. This includes recording who the adults are in contact with as well as recording any visitors to the site, including parents.
  • Staggered entry times into classes with one time for school transport to minimise gatherings of children or parents.

MoE Guidelines Alert Level 3 (April 2020)

School Policies

Our school polices are available to review online at We would appreciate your feedback/input on our policies and ask you to please take five minutes to review the following information. Instructions to access the information are below:

  1. Open the following link
  2. On the right hand side of the web page select “Search for your school>>” type “Fairfield School Levin”
  3. Enter the following user name: fairfieldlevin and password respect
  4. In the search function type Recognition of Cultural Diversity, press search
  5. On the left side select “Recognition of Cultural Diversity (highlighted in blue)

5. Once you have read the policy, on the right side of screen, select the green box (beside the printer icon) and the below screen
will appear. Enter the email address: not your own.

7. Enter your name (optional)
8. Enter your comments
9. Select “Send message to the Principal”.

School Calendar

To help you with school dates, whole school events the following calendar has been created.  The calendar is available on our school website/school calendar, or open the following link School Calendar

2020 School Term Dates
Term 1Monday 3rd FebruaryWednesday 25th March72 half days
Term 2Wednesday 15th AprilFriday 3rd July106 half days
Term 3Monday 20th JulyFriday 25th September100 half days
Term 4Monday 12th OctoberTuesday 15th December92 half days

While we operate in the Level 3 lockdown, the school phone will be diverted to my phone. If you need to contact us please call me in the first instance on 027 368 1143. I wish you all the best as you remain safe at home, and we all look forward to seeing your children back at school in the near future.

Kind regards,

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Alasdair MacleanPrincipal