Principal’s Message Term 2, Week 11

Tena Koutou,

We are now in the last two weeks of term 2. The first two terms of the school year have certainly been unusual. As we enter into the new norm and are settling back into our rhythm and flow, we see increased consistency in our work/life balance again.

School photos were taken last Monday. As mentioned in my previous message we were unable to change the date to a later time in the year. The good news about the new photo online ordering system means you can order photos when you want to. If you decide to wait to order photos until next term you can do this using your token number to make an order. We will provide token details soon..

Fairfield Community Group (FCG) AGM – This Thursday 7pm

This Thursday at 7pm in the Staffroom the Fairfield Community Group will be holding their AGM and we would love to see you there! The FCG are a group of volunteers that join together once a month to organise events for our children. Over the last few years they have organised hot dog days, drive in movies, discos and our yearly gala. If you would like more information, please contact Sally Rollinson in Room 7 or

Shave for a Cure / Crazy Hair Day – This Friday 26th – Don’t forget this Friday is Crazy Hair Day and we are participating in the Shave for Cure fundraiser at 10:30am to support Leukaemia and Blood Cancer NZ. To fundraise for a student or staff member click on this link. Who’s going to have the craziest hair and who’s going to shave their head this year?

ANZ School’s Programme

ANZ is sponsoring a programme for schools. From my conversations with ANZ this is not a new programme and you may already be familiar with it.

ANZ continues to support schools with the ANZ Schools Programme, as it did with the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme.  ANZ is proud to offer such a worthwhile financial benefit to schools, which links with our vision to shape a world where communities thrive.

To refresh you, when a customer takes out a home or business loan or top-up with ANZ of $50,000 or more (that is secured by residential property) they can nominate a school to receive 800 credits (approximately $400) to spend at the ANZ Awards Centre on a range of items such as sporting equipment, books, ipads and cameras, see what’s available here; To clarify, the customer taking out the home loan does not have to be directly related to Fairfield School,  They could be an aunt in Invercargill or a family friend in Auckland – they just need to nominate Fairfield school before they draw down their loan! 

I believe for success in the ANZ Schools Programme we need to get the word out there!  The best drivers for any school are parents and fundraising committees; people passionate about fundraising, and networking in the wider community and promoting the benefits to the school of the Programme.    For more information about the programme check out the ANZ Award Centre website or feel free to contact either myself or Chris Bennett at ANZ bank

Flu and Cold Season – The flu and cold season is upon us. As per the norm this year, if your child is sick (flu and cold like symptoms) please keep them at home and notify the school.

Upcoming Teacher Only Day / Learning Conferences

If you remember we had a teacher only day scheduled the day after Queen’s Birthday weekend which was postponed, We have now set a date Wednesday 29th July as a Teacher Only day. However this day will be when we will hold the learning conferences, starting at 9am, and running throughout the day. School will be closed for instruction and students will only come to school with their parents for their learning conference. Each learning conference will be a 15 minute time allocation. I feel this will be a productive time for teachers and parents to connect and discuss learning. The only exception is for Mrs Burns and Mrs. Patrick’s classes as they will be away Term 3. Parents of students in these classrooms will be contacted to arrange a time/date (which will be before the end of this term) for their learning conferences.

If you have any questions about learning conferences, please feel free to contact your classroom teacher.

What is a Learning Conference?

Student’s facilitate a meeting between the teacher, student and their parents/caregiver for the purpose of demonstrating academic progress, allowing parents to see and discuss their child’s work. The learning conference provides evidence of the accomplishments of the school wide objectives. It also promotes student goal setting and communication between teachers and parents. Most importantly, the conference engages students in meaningful reflection and discussion about their own learning.

Conferences promote:

  • ongoing student evaluation and goal setting
  • student – teacher communication
  • teacher – student-parent-teacher communication
  • students’ self-reflection and academic awareness

Student Benefits:

  • accountability for their learning
  • students learn to evaluate their own work
  • students gain greater commitment to school work and learning
  • builds self confidence and self esteem
  • encourages student/parent communication

Caregiver/Parent Benefits:

  • increase the quality of the information given to parents
  • learn about their child’s learning and skills
  • an opportunity to help their child set positive goals
  • active participation in their child’s learning

Teacher Benefits:

  • shared responsibility between the student, teacher and parent
  • facilitates parent participation

To reiterate, school will be closed for instruction on Wednesday 29th July as it will be a Teacher Only day, but with conferences happening. After school on 30th July if there are any conferences to complete we will use 3:00 pm until 5:45 pm to finish the conferences. I will be sharing more information about this with you soon.

2020 School Term Dates:

Term 1Monday 3rd FebruaryThursday 9th April96 half days
Term 2Tuesday 28th AprilFriday 3rd July96 half days
Term 3Monday 20th JulyFriday 25th September100 half days
Term 4Monday 12th OctoberTuesday 15th December92 half days

Kind regards,

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Alasdair Maclean, Principal