Principal’s Message, Term 2, Week 10

Tena Koutou,

Just a quick message this week to give you an update on school reports.

Due to COVID 19 impacting the instructional and assessment time line, rather than have written reports the school will be holding learning conferences with each family to review where the students are at in their learning, which will be beneficial to both you and your child. As a learning team we can review the learning through COVID and after, and together we can set goals for the future.

If you remember we had a teacher only day scheduled the day after Queen’s Birthday weekend which was postponed, We have now set a date Wednesday 29th July as a Teacher Only day. However this day will be when we will hold the learning conferences, starting at 9am, and running throughout the day. School will be closed for instruction and students will only come to school with their parents for their learning conference. Each learning conference will be a 15 minute time allocation. I feel this will be a productive time for teachers and parents to connect and discuss learning. The only exception is for Mrs Burns and Mrs. Patrick’s classes as they will be away Term 3. Parents of students in these classrooms will be contacted to arrange a time/date (which will be before the end of this term) for their learning conferences.

If you have any questions about learning conferences, please feel free to contact your classroom teacher.

What is a Learning Conference?

Student’s facilitate a meeting between the teacher, student and their parents/caregiver for the purpose of demonstrating academic progress, allowing parents to see and discuss their child’s work. The learning conference provides evidence of the accomplishments of the school wide objectives. It also promotes student goal setting and communication between teachers and parents. Most importantly, the conference engages students in meaningful reflection and discussion about their own learning.

Conferences promote:

  • ongoing student evaluation and goal setting
  • student – teacher communication
  • teacher – student-parent-teacher communication
  • students’ self-reflection and academic awareness

Student Benefits:

  • accountability for their learning
  • students learn to evaluate their own work
  • students gain greater commitment to school work and learning
  • builds self confidence and self esteem
  • encourages student/parent communication

Caregiver/Parent Benefits:

  • increase the quality of the information given to parents
  • learn about their child’s learning and skills
  • an opportunity to help their child set positive goals
  • active participation in their child’s learning

Teacher Benefits:

  • shared responsibility between the student, teacher and parent
  • facilitates parent participation

To reiterate, school will be closed for instruction on Wednesday 29th July as it will be a Teacher Only day, but with conferences happening. After school on 30th July if there are any conferences to complete we will use 3:00 pm until 5:45 pm to finish the conferences. I will be sharing more information about this with you soon.


It is with excitement that I announce that Mrs Rollinson will be the Acting Team Leader of the Puna-oho team. If you have a child in Puna-oho team and would like to connect with the Team Leader I am sure Mrs Rollinson would be delighted to hear from you. Her email is

Fairfield Community Group (FCG) AGM

The Fairfield Community Group are a group of volunteers that join together once a month to organise events for our children. Over the last few years they have organised hot dog days, drive in movies, discos and our yearly gala. The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thurdsay 25th June at 7pm in the Staffroom. and we wish to invite our school community along! If you would like more information, please contact Sally Rollinson in Room 7 or

Have a great week everyone!

Alasdair Maclean