Principal’s Message Term 1, Week 6

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

This week is gala week; Wednesday 5-7pm, the children are getting excited.  It is going to be outstanding; wind, rain or shine!  I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents, staff, community members and students who have been working hard preparing for the gala.  We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday evening, enjoying the gala and supporting the school.

Change of Date – Just a reminder that the junior sports athletics day, Year 4, 5, and 6 will now be held this Friday, 13 March.  Apologies for any confusion over the change of date.  We look forward to seeing you all at school supporting the students.
Student Leadership
The student leadership team for 2020 is revealed.  It is great to have such mature young students to support and lead our school, modelling leadership assisting with fundraising, officiating school functions and assemblies.
Well done to you all for your selection.
School Councillors; Tashy, Zahara, Taylor, Charlette, Haewon and Paradise.
House Captains; Hadlee – Bridee and James, Munro – Emma and Ami, Sheppard – Ella and Te Auporo, Hillary – Megan and Shawn.
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Learning Conferences
Learning Conferences are an important part of growing the home/school partnership, so we encourage you all to come along and learn about your child’s goals, aspirations, progress and achievement.  Learning Conferences are scheduled for Monday 23rd March (1:00pm – 5.15pm), Tuesday 24th March (3.15pm-5.30pm).  Please note, the school will close at 12.30pm on Monday 24th March to facilitate learning conferences.
To book a time slot for learning conferences, please go to and enter the event code wgzq4.  If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the office staff, who will be only too happy to book a time for you.
We recently shared changes with you that will be happening with eTap, our school computer system.  In the next few weeks we will be changing how we send out school communication. A letter has been sent home to check that we have up-to-date contact information on file, including an email address.  If you have not returned this letter please do so urgently, to the school office to ensure you don’t miss out on important school information.
Coronavirus Update
Any new updates on the coronavirus are available at the Ministry of Health’s  website:

Case 3 COVID-19 announced today.  This afternoon the Director General of Health announced the confirmation of a third case of COVID–19.  When this occurs and there is an association with one or more schools and or early learning services we will put out a Special Bulletin and we will provide you with the communications developed for the Principal(s) and or Early Learning Services Leader(s) to put out to their parent communities.

Today’s announcement involved a family that has two children at two Auckland Schools – Ormiston Junior College and Auckland Grammar. The family is now in self-isolation.  Neither child has shown any symptoms and they are not currently showing any symptoms. They are in self-isolation in case they do develop the virus.  The impact on schools is almost identical to yesterday’s situation.  None of these students had or showed signs of any symptoms when they attended schools.  This means they were not infectious which in turn means there are no risks to other students or to teachers and school staff.  With this virus you cannot be infectious if you show no symptoms and you cannot as a contact of a contact of someone with the virus get the virus.  Here is the link to the letter Principal’s sent to their parent communities

What’s happening this term:
11th Gala 5pm – 7pm
13th Y 4, 5 and 6 Athletics
18th Y 1, 2 and 3 Athletics, 9am – 10:45am
20th Y 7 and 8 Athletics
23rd School finishes 12:30pm. Learning Conferences 1pm – 5:15pm
24th Learning Conferences 3:15pm – 5:30pm
25th Y7/8 EPro 8, Levin Intermediate 5pm – 8pm
27th Y1/2 Welcome to Fairfield Concert, 1:45pm
3rd Inter school Athletics Y4-8
9th Thursday, Term 1 finishes 2:50pm
10th Good Friday
28th Tuesday, Term 2 starts 8:50am

2020 School Term Dates:

Term 1 Monday 3rd February Thursday 9th April 96 half days
Term 2 Tuesday 28th April Friday 3rd July 96 half days
Term 3 Monday 20th July Friday 25th September 100 half days
Term 4 Monday 12th October Tuesday 15th December 92 half days
Kind regards,
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Alasdair Maclean