Principal’s Message, Week 7, Term 4

Tena Koutou,

Below is a list of the classes and teachers for 2021. By now you would have received information on your child’s teacher and classroom for next year. We hope this information has been very helpful and will ease the transition for your children for 2021.

2021 Classrooms and Teachers
Room 1- Miss Ward (Y3 & 4)
Room 2 – Mrs Easton (Y3 & 4)
Room 3 – Miss Buchanan (Y3 & 4)
Room 5 – Mrs Veza (Y1 & 2)
Room 6 – Mrs O’Neill (Y1)
Room 7 – Mrs Rollinson (Y1)
Room 8 – Mrs McQuillan (Y3 & 4)
Room 9 – Mrs Collis (Y3 & 4)
Room 10 – Mrs Morrissey (Y2)
Room 11 – Miss van Niekerk (Y2)
Room 12 – Mr Manville (Y5 & 6)
Room 13 – Mrs Rainham (Y7 & 8)
Room 14 – Mrs Barker (Y7 & 8)
Room 15 – Mrs Shuker (Y5 &6)
Room 16 – Mrs Harpur (Y5 & 6)
Room 17 – Mrs Nicholls (Y7 & 8)
Room 18 – Mr Culley (Y7 & 8)
Room 19 – Mrs Duff (Y7 & 8)
Room 20 – Mr and Mrs Joyce (Y5 & 6)

Parking at School
I understand in the mornings and afternoons picking up your children from school can be a stressful process with the lack of parks available, and trying to get to and from work on time. Please make sure you are not illegally parking.

As mentioned before, I have received a number of complaints from the neighbours because their driveways are blocked. There have been a number of cars also parking in the school bus bay, blocking bus entry. Illegal parking has become a problem at school (mainly when the buses are leaving/returning on school trips), please do not park in the bus bay. I want to make sure our students are safe and can exit the bus on the sidewalk and not onto a busy road.

The police have visited the school and reviewed the situation and have asked us to provide car registration details of any vehicle illegally parked so we appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this.

Hui Whānau
Thank you for all that attended a wonderful evening of sharing from our very talented students at Fairfield School. I was thrilled with the turnout and success of the event. A huge thanks to Mrs Shuker and Mrs Rollinson. A fantastic opportunity for our students to showcase their skills.

Kind regards
Alasdair Maclean

Calendar of Events This Term

2021 School term dates
Term 1: Monday 1st February – Friday 16th April (102 half days)
Term 2: Monday 3rd May – Friday 9th July (96 half days)
Term 3: Monday 26th July – Friday 1st October (100 half days)
Term 4: Monday 18th October – Tuesday 14th December (82 half days) 380 Half days