Principal’s Message, Week 4, Term 4

Tena Koutou,

Congratulations everyone who participated in last weeks Year 3-8 cross country. The weather held out just and although we started a little later than planned the children managed to stay dry. Several of the students will be attending interschool cross country this Friday at Poroutawhao School, we wish you all the best for the race. Below are the placements, again well done everyone for your efforts.

Fairfield School 2020 Cross Country Results

Year 4 Boys
1 Blake Cato
2 Jabin Budd
3 Thomas Harimate
4 Thomas Timu
5 Lachlan Grimstone

Year 5 Boys
1 Jacob Fryer
2 Mason Osborne
3 Charlie McQuillan
4 Noah Wright
5 Lewis Birch

Year 6 Boys
1 Samuel Chamberlain
2 Josh Eyles
3 Zack Rangi
4 William Dunsmore
5 Lebron Hirini

Year 7 Boys
1 Lucus Clark
2 Blake Mercer
3 Joel Harimate
4 Caleb Jack
5 Daniel Fletcher

Year 8 Boys
1 Jacob Harimate
2 Christian Harvey
3 Cruze Fitzsimons
4 Tannar Wilkins-White
5 Luke Martin
Year 4 Girls
1 Ivy Rose Pearson
2 Mion Taylor
3 Mereana Easton
4 Indee Tassell
5 Isabell Codlin

Year 5 Girls
1 Katie Pelling
2 Niamh Williams
3 Otoha Taylor
4 Emosi Fololina
5 Maia Monk

Year 6 Girls
1 Gabby Wright
2 Anahera Easton
3 Olivia Hicks-Jensen
4 Cara Goldsmith
5 Layla McDermott

Year 7 Girls
1 Kahlia Lester
2 Kashana Hanson
3 Brianna Martin
4 Tiana Fryer
5 Abi Logo

Year 8 Girls
1 Zahara Slatter
2 Charlotte Taylor-Thomson
3 Megan Armstrong
4 Ella Williams
5 Bridee Ahie

EPro 8 Challenge

Well done Harrison McQuillan, Jason Lin, Zahara Slatter and Tashy Haigh who came 2nd equal in yesterday’s challenge and are in the finals next Monday. The students shared what they were required to do.

There were various sets of tasks you could choose from and we chose the roller coaster task which involved building frames for a roller coaster. Each task completed you received a set amount of points and the next task correlated to the one before. Once you finished a whole set of tasks (that is called clocking it) you would get additional points. You can also get points for having a tidy workspace.

1. Create the framing for a roller coaster with the highest point at least 1.5m.
2. Make a track.
3. Make a 30cm drop.
4. Make the ball balance three times at each end of the fulcrum.
5. Sequence the balls so a sensor releases the second ball. Five balls must be released in total.

Wearable Arts Showcase – Wednesday 4 November, 6:30pm
Tomorrow night at 6:30pm we will be holding an Arts Showcase in the Waiopehu College auditorium to celebrate and present the Wearable Pieces that students have been working hard on this term. Students need to arrive at the auditorium at 6pm.
This Showcase is open to all students’ families and whānau and it is free to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

William Pike Challenge – well done Darcey Isaacs!

Darcey was selected to go on the William Pike Challenge last week in Canterbury and has shared her experience with us.

On October 31st I flew down to Christchurch because I was selected to go on a young explorer summit. This was created through the William Pike Challenge Award. In New Zealand only 20 students got in. We saw baby penguin getting fed and swimming for their fish. They were 36cm tall and they smelt like expired fish. Then we went on a hagglund, which is a vehicle they use in Antarctica with tracks on the wheels. We went up a 10 foot hill, this was so funny to go down. It was so bumpy to go down. Then we took a bus to the camp site. We set up our tent and it was very challenging. We had dinner and tried to sleep. It started raining and it was freezing cold. We woke up and got on to the bus. We made it to the Canterbury Museum. We did challenges and learnt a lot about Scott base.

Fake snow room with fake snow storms, riding in a hagglund, Canterbury Museum, camping and a walking tour.
How did I apply? I got an email from the Antarctica Centre in Christchurch. This took three hours for me to apply. I answered questions like…. Why I would be good to be there? What skills do I have and I had to send a 30 second video about myself. (Photos to follow very soon)
By Darcey Isaacs

Senior Camp Fundraiser – The Year 8 students would like to say thank you to everyone for purchasing hotdogs to raise funds for their upcoming camp. A total of $1092 profit!

SPCA Cup Cake Day – On Monday the 2nd of November six students from William Pike team, with the help of the staff organised a cupcake fundraiser for the SPCA. They sold over 350 cupcakes and managed to raise $658. A huge thanks to all the teachers, parents and students for taking time out of their own lives to bake cupcakes to help with the fundraiser, together they made over 200 cupcakes which made the fundraiser go really smoothly. Thank you to all the people who supported us throughout this whole fundraiser, It couldn’t have been done without your help it was really appreciated

A quick note on sports communication, as you know we post draws on the sports notice board outside the school office as they become available. You may find it quicker to follow the sports associations facebook pages to ensure you receive up-to-date information on cancellations, postponements etc. We will continue to post the draws on the sports board and on our school app (@school) and our website/sports tab. If you require any further information about sports draws, please email

Have a great week everyone!

Kind regards
Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 10.45.14 AM
Alasdair Maclean

Calendar of Events This Term
Wednesday 2 – Pakihi Swimming – 1:30pm-2:30pm
Thursday 3 – Pakihi/Raekura Assembly 12:30pm, Hall
Friday 4 – Puna-oho/Te Kama Assembly 2.00pm, Hall
Wednesday 9th – 11th Year 8 Camp
Thursday 10 – Puna-oho Celebration Day
Thursday 10 - Puna-oho/Te Kama Cushion Concert (Picnic 5pm, Concert in the Jenny Burnell Courtyard 5:30pm)
Monday 14 - Pakihi Team Trip - Ludo Swimming Pools
Monday 14 – Year 8 Graduation
Tuesday 15 – 12:30pm Last day of term