Measles Update for Fairfield School (Friday 20 May, 12.15pm)

An update for our school community, re: Measles. There have been two confirmed cases of measles, one case at Waiopehu College and the second case at Levin Intermediate.

This from Martin James, the Principal of Levin Intermediate:
Levin Intermediate has been notified by our DHB that they have a confirmed case of measles. They are working with the DHB to reduce the risk of further infection and have asked parents and caregivers to keep their children home today.

Again, at this time, there is no information to suggest any action or case for closure for Fairfield School.

I have been in contact with Public Health and they have described the symptoms of measles to look out for:
– general red rash starting on the head and neck and then moving to the trunk and arms
– can start behind the ears
– it is a red blotchy rash
– fever
– cough
– runny nose and sticky eyes
– white spots inside the mouth and inside the cheeks.

Should you suspect your child has any of these symptoms DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL. Contact your GP or Health Line on 0800 611 116 as measles is a highly infectious disease.

Again – at this point in time, there is no need for action or closure at Fairfield.

Thank you
Regan Orr