Learning Conferences – Wednesday 29th July

Just a reminder that school will be CLOSED for instruction on Wednesday 29th July and learning conferences will be held on this day. Additional learning conferences will be held after school on Thursday 30th July from 3:00pm until 5:45pm. If you have any questions about learning conferences, please make contact with your child’s classroom teacher. To book a 15 minute learning conference with your child and their teacher go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz  and use the event code wgzq4

What is a Learning Conference?

Student’s facilitate a meeting between the teacher, student and their parents/caregiver for the purpose of demonstrating academic progress, allowing parents to see and discuss their child’s work. The learning conference provides evidence of the accomplishments of the school wide objectives. It also promotes student goal setting and communication between teachers and parents. Most importantly, the conference engages students in meaningful reflection and discussion about their own learning.

Conferences promote:

  • ongoing student evaluation and goal setting
  • student – teacher communication
  • teacher – student-parent-teacher communication
  • students’ self-reflection and academic awareness

Student benefits:

  • accountability for their learning
  • students learn to evaluate their own work
  • students gain greater commitment to school work and learning
  • builds self confidence and self esteem
  • encourages student/parent communication

Caregiver/Parent benefits:

  • increase the quality of the information given to parents
  • learn about their child’s learning and skills
  • an opportunity to help their child set positive goals
  • active participation in their child’s learning

Teacher benefits:

  • shared responsibility between the student, teacher and parent
  • facilitates parent participation