Kapiti Island – William Pike Challenge Award

Last term the William Pike students participated in the Kapiti Island trip as one of our outdoor activities.  Kapiti Island was full of native birds and nature, with no predators. The WPCA students walked to the top of Kapiti Island and explored the view of the ocean, plants, trees and wildlife. The walk was over 2 hours long and we had beautiful, fine weather. Our new principal Mr Maclean joined us for the day. The Kapiti Island walk was filled with challenges and added excitement.

Written by Jasmine (year 8)


Showquest 2019 – Transforming Mindsets.

On Friday the 21st of June 65 students went to The Regent in Palmerston North. We travelled up by bus while singing and getting hyped to perform. When we arrived we got shown our changing room and we all settled in and had a quick snack. After that we went down to watch some of the other schools rehearse. Then we started on hair and makeup. We were all called down for a meeting about the order we would perform in and competed in a dance battle, sadly we didn’t win.

Then it was time for our rehearsal we had half an hour to perfect our dances. By the time our rehearsal was done we were all ready for the real thing! 

Now it was go time, we all were rushing to get changed and have everything little thing ready! We were the second group to perform everyone was backstage freaking out; the wait was nerve racking. It was finally our time, all the hours we had put it to our dances were finally about to pay off..it went quickly.

After our performance we went back to our changing room and hurried to get changed into our clothes. We went up to the gallery seating which was for everyone that was performing. Then we watched the other schools and wearable arts. Finally it was time for the results, we got a lighting award and 3rd place!!!! 

Thank you to Kapinua for making our yellow Showquest t-shirts and to the Fairfield Community Group for purchasing them for us. We also want to thank all the parents and teachers who have supported us throughout the term.

We are already looking forward to next year!

Written by Emma and Belinda

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National Young Leaders Day:

On Tuesday 21st of May a few of our young leaders (school councillors, cultural leaders and house captains), travelled to Palmerston North to participate in the National Young Leaders Day 2019 (NYLD) 2019. Our leaders heard some inspiring speeches made by Christian Gallen, Hanna Tapiata, Dr Lehan Stemmet, Ronnie Taulafo, Kings and the hosts are Liz Alexander and Phil Baker. They talked about, “ He aha te kai a te rangatira? He korero, he korero, he korero ’’, that means “ What is food of a leader? It is conversation.”

Christian Gallen talked about  “conversating “ meaning to have conversations and to participate with others in different activities, also DON’T EAT DOGROLL!

Hana Tapiata talked about talking to yourself in your head. Talking to yourself, shapes who you’re going to become in the future, if it’s positive thoughts. If it’s negative thoughts you won’t get anywhere in life.

Ronnie Taulafo is from a TV show called What Now, he talked to us about learning about your own culture and who you really are.

Dr. Lehan Stemmet was saying being a leader is not just about “ YOU “, being a leader is about “ WE.”  Amber asked a question, “When is the best time to stand up as a leader ?’’ He answered back “ It’s not about when to stand up, it’s when to stand back and let others lead.”

KINGS ended the day performing some songs, rapping and beatboxing.

Leaders that participated: Jasmine, Belinda, Hutch, Te Whetu, Grace, Amber, Felicity, Logan, Riley, Ariana, Ginny & Cole.

Written by: Jasmine, Amber and Cole.

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