Kahui Ako update:

As part of their role on the Kahui Ako (Community of Learners), Mr Joyce and Mrs Rollinson were invited to visit Kohuturoa Marae.  After a powhiri they were able to learn about some Muaupoko Legends and History. They had an opportunity to find out about the history of Wai Punahau ( Lake Horowhenua)  They then visited the Horowhenua District Council to see the Lake core samples, and see the recovery and cultural plans on display.  Finally they finished up at the Muaupoko Tribal Authority to see the arts and taonga that are held there  and had an opportunity to get an overview of Iwi Strategy ( including Education).  This was a wonderful opportunity and supports our Fairfield inquiry about building meaningful relationships within our community.


National Young Leaders Day:

On Tuesday 21st of May a few of our young leaders (school councillors, cultural leaders and house captains), travelled to Palmerston North to participate in the National Young Leaders Day 2019 (NYLD) 2019. Our leaders heard some inspiring speeches made by Christian Gallen, Hanna Tapiata, Dr Lehan Stemmet, Ronnie Taulafo, Kings and the hosts are Liz Alexander and Phil Baker. They talked about, “ He aha te kai a te rangatira? He korero, he korero, he korero ’’, that means “ What is food of a leader? It is conversation.”

Christian Gallen talked about  “conversating “ meaning to have conversations and to participate with others in different activities, also DON’T EAT DOGROLL!

Hana Tapiata talked about talking to yourself in your head. Talking to yourself, shapes who you’re going to become in the future, if it’s positive thoughts. If it’s negative thoughts you won’t get anywhere in life.

Ronnie Taulafo is from a TV show called What Now, he talked to us about learning about your own culture and who you really are.

Dr. Lehan Stemmet was saying being a leader is not just about “ YOU “, being a leader is about “ WE.”  Amber asked a question, “When is the best time to stand up as a leader ?’’ He answered back “ It’s not about when to stand up, it’s when to stand back and let others lead.”

KINGS ended the day performing some songs, rapping and beatboxing.

Leaders that participated: Jasmine, Belinda, Hutch, Te Whetu, Grace, Amber, Felicity, Logan, Riley, Ariana, Ginny & Cole.

Written by: Jasmine, Amber and Cole.

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