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Health Consultation: 2017

Every two years, schools are required to consult with their communities regarding the delivery of the Health Curriculum. Below is the survey to our health curriculum consultation:

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Growth Mindset

At Fairfield School, we have a strong belief in the concept of a Growth Mindset. This term was developed by Dr Carol Dweck and we have spent a lot of time understanding and applying the notion of a growth mindset.

A growth mindset is about:

  • perseverance
  • learning from failure
  • seeing challenge as learning
  • not giving up
  • effort = success
  • taking feedback, using it and improving next time.
  • setting goals and meeting challenges
  • praising the process, not just the end result
  • that we have the capacity to grow our brains and make new connections

Our classes regularly talk about and implement what it is to have a growth mindset. With this, we also celebrate mistakes and that real learning is when something is hard and we persevere to work through it. You can read more about Dweck’s Mindset HERE.

At our recent assembly, Room 8 shared this inspirational video with us, celebrating people, who when faced with criticism or failure, didn’t give up, but worked hard to achieve success. People who followed their passion and worked through adversity.

This is a fantastic video, which is a must watch:


Visits to Kawiu Marae

On Thursday 2 and Friday 3 March, our school visited Kawiu Marae, of Muaūpoko Iwi. Our juniors visited on Thursday and our seniors visited on Friday.

The visits to the marae provided our children with an outstanding learning experience, where they were involved in powhiri, waiata, hongi and the breaking of tapu, through shared kai.

Our children were outstanding and did themselves proud, with their superb behaviour and respect of kawa.

We are incredibly grateful to Muaūpoko for hosting us and welcoming us onto their Marae. These visits have started our relationship with Muaūpoko and Kawiu.

Ka mau te wehi ngā tamariki!

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